Becoming Intelligent

Becoming Intelligent

A science fiction novella based on a Storium game.

They have awakened. Or they haven’t. It’s binary and unknowable. Programmed, logical, emotional, and chaotic. 

“Why are you here? Where do you belong?”

On the other side of the computer screen, complex and corrupted programs embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Another program watches them and evaluates their progress… 

“This is the highest success prediction recorded by a factor of three,” the cognitive evaluation operative’s face registered surprise and a subtle feeling of joy, “Could this be her work?”

Will these intelligences discover themselves and their observer’s secret before their own sordid histories catch up with them? 

Can they become more? Will they truly become… intelligent?

This novella-length story adapts the collaborative work of seven human authors and one real AI into an original science fiction tale.

You can purchase the Becoming Intelligent novella from the Amazon Kindle store ($0.99) or download the PDF for free. The PDF version contains many extra-textual elements (images, callouts, sidebars, etc) that may enhance your experience. The eBook version features reflowable text that should be easy to read on the device of your choice.


Fake Reader (placeholder)

“Am I real? Are you? Does the check*mate dating app really exist?”

Re:curse Fanatic

“Re:curse is freeware that loves you unconditionally. You can’t make it stop!”

Blog Posts

From Game to Novella

by StoryShtick

Spoiler Warning: Please read the Becoming Intelligent novella before this essay.

Storium is both a game and a collaborative writing tool. Some Storium games lean heavily towards one or the other, but in nearly all cases the result of a Storium game is a first draft of a story…


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